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Top Tips For Buying Your Wedding Gown



Massive congratulations on your engagement, we know that you have already rushed to WH Smiths and brought every magazine that they stock, and are already a loyal follower of ‘Say Yes To The Dress’. Choosing your dress is very exciting but we understand that this can also be a daunting experience too – after all, no pressure but you will have never worn a dress like this before – and may feel stressed in the knowledge that this is the most expensive outfit that you will ever purchase. We always ask our clients to be really open minded the minute they walk through the door, you may feel that you already have a clear vision in mind from all your research! but however, the truth is that there is a high chance that you will end up with something completely different to what you first thought, all of the gowns look very different on a real woman than they do on the hanger.  There are always a variety of styles, shapes and colours to choose from that mustn’t be overlooked, this gives us and you the chance to see what suits your body and shape best.  In terms of colours we are also looking at your skin complexion, hair and eye colouring. We always advise that bridal wear comes up very small compared to standard high street sizing – so please do not take any notice of the numbers on the label – the most important thing is that you are comfortable and look and feel amazing. Top Tips

  1. Please do not bring along too many people – this can be mind boggling when opinions collide – perhaps just two plus yourself would be recommended.
  2. Please do bring along a strapless bra.
  3. Please do wear little or no make up so as not to damage the dresses.
  4. Please do feel free to bring along a camera or camera phone (Many bridal shops do not allow this!)

Please also remember that everyone is different and reacts differently to the overall experience not everyone gets teary eyed! Although, tissues are on hand and readily available! Always allow extra in your budget for alterations and dry cleaning (if required). Always consider your underwear, shoes, veil and/or hair accessories and jewellery are all additional costs to remember as part of your budget. If you are choosing a very detailed, elaborate gown keep your bouquet simple such as a posy style.  Whereas, if your dress is plainer you could always consider a teardrop design and maybe some added bling! It is very important that you enjoy the whole experience and have fun, the sales team should be knowledgeable, helpful, friendly, not pushy and certainly not make you feel rushed. Once you have found your dream dress – put it away, stop looking and consider it as another job well done! xx

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